Woman Temple in Granollers


The next Woman Temple, we celebrate it on Saturday, February 1st from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., in the Sat Ioga center, in Granollers.


We explore in a sacred and real way "the temple of the feminine flow", taking advantage of the space of the no-mind, connecting with our own bodies and with each other. We will create a truly nutritious space to merge into the feminine heart. It will be a gift to share with you, beautiful woman.


Limited places Please confirm assistance: info@satioga.cat

In our woman Temple, we create a safe space together, where we feel at home, supporting lovingly each other, as women. Together we create a sanctuary to explore feminine awakening. Through free flowing movement, ritual, respectful and nourishing touch, allowing feelings and sensations that may arise be present and given space.

We connect deeply with our experience in each moment, feeling and expressing through our bodies. Developing honesty and deep connection, exploring real sisterhood in a safe and nurturing way. It is here in the intimacy of the feminine essence we can worship ourselves as the divinity we are, being supported and held by the circle. By radically surrendering to and trusting what is present in each moment we engage fully with the dance of life. Here we receive blessings, healing, relaxation and nourishment, celebrating each other’s gifts.

This monthly circle is a sanctuary where women can restore their energies, reconnect with their feminine heart and core, and be inspired to live from their deepest truths. You are welcome, Sister.

Woman Temple


The Woman Temple is:

~ A sanctuary for the feminine, where we connect with ourselves from that sacred place in our hearts
~ A spiritual practice that embraces and includes movement, prayer and respectful touch
~ A place for you to be celebrated, seen and deeply nourished
~ A safe space where all of us are welcome
~ A community of conscious sisterhood


Together, we create a safe and sacred vessel to immerse ourselves deeply in practices that bring us face to face with our feminine essence, open us to the ideas we need to live fully awake in this modern life, and support us to relax in the knowledge that we are not alone, we do this together.

For me, the Woman Temple is where I feel that I return home and to the eternal memory of my body, to what sonority really is: to what it has once been, before, and what it can be again.

Come, plant your roots deep in Mother Earth and in your body, feeding the soul of sonority. Tune into the subtle rhythms of your body and listen from the depth of the answer. We gather to adore and honour the wild, implacable, soft, delicious, deep, mystical, painfully beautiful female root, of the existence that opens life to being.

What is the meaning of Woman Temple for me?

It is The Sacred.

A space where everything that I am, everything that we are is welcome.
Our complete Being, just as we are. Where it does not need to be in any other way. Where I don’t have to pretend, fix or change who I am. It's a totally safe place to explore who I really am. Where I have all the freedom to learn to love myself completely... Where I will be supported by my sisters, women like me, in the process of my growth. Where I do not have to do it alone...

What a relief, I completely exhale...

I remember, when I got to know the work of the Temple, I was a bit sceptical... It gave me a little or even a lot of respect. I thought maybe it's a good idea to do the training. And at the same time I did not get too close... Maybe it will eat me... And if this is not me... But something in me called me... Whispered: Come closer sister, come closer daughter, let yourself be vulnerable; this is your strength...

In my life's journey, I have learned that my greatest fear is not to tot being successful, or not fulfilling what I have come here to do. No. My greatest fear is to be completely me, to fulfil my Dharma, to live my strength and my fullness. This is my greatest fear. Like the beautiful a quote of the Benedictine nun, Macrina Wiedekehr: "God help me to believe the truth about myself, however beautiful it may be. Amen."

When I enter the Temple for the first time. Perhaps even before, with uncertainty, of what and how it will be... I felt at home from the first moment. I felt, that I came back, that this is my wisdom, that my inner being, my bones had known for a long time, maybe always... It is a natural place for me, where I can experience, touch, taste, my fullness. Without being judged, without having to prove anything. A Sacred space of Sisterhood.

For me the Temple is where I come from, and where I'm heading...

It is where I explore who I am, in a sacred and safe space. Through my body, through movement, my emotions, feelings, touch, contact and share. Simply, BEING ME FULLY. Learning to love myself and to be loved, to give, and also to receive. Taking my seat in the circle, letting go, surrendering to my beauty, holding space, from my deep confidence, trusting the process of life force unfolding through me. Letting the circle be my teacher...

Take my hand Sister, we make the road together, you do not have to do it alone...