This is an invitation to embrace life with integrity, from your sacred fullness, with happiness and gratitude. Savoring all what you are, accepting all of your parts and being able to forgive yourself. From this space you hold your truth, your essence and your inner listening. Trusting your pure potential, to be willing to accept the journey of life as it is, with love.


Women's travel to India: Women committed to their dreams.

Our trips are for women who want to experience India in a different way, from a different point of view to the one that is usually offered by a normal tourist trip. India is a state of consciousness. We intend to understand the culture through our own eyes. We leave behind any prejudices that we have about good or bad. India is different from everything we know: it is an ancient culture, with profound wisdom that invites us to live through our senses. Visiting India means that you have the desire to see things from a different perspective, and that's what brings women from around the world together. We share the adventure, respecting the intimate experience of each other. The women who join our trips are open to being supported and sustained by other women during the journey, around the circle, and also in life itself. They allow themselves to be exposed to the experience, to live a life before and after India. To know themselves a little more, thanks to the mirror that the women of India represent to us.
We dedicate our trips to taste India: with meditations; yoga and cooking classes; visiting local families in their own homes; meeting with local traditional women - a Maharani (queen), a countrywoman who we make chapati (bread) with; Meeting with a spiritual Guru (teacher); collaborating with the people who need it most; participating in rituals; going to the cinema and to the theatre; contemplating nature with sunrise and sunset; visiting tribes; enjoying the experience offered by the different markets; celebrating our own ceremonies and group meetings; travelling with the vast and varied means of transport that India offers, such as elephant, rickshaw, train, camel, boat ... In short, living the essence of India.

In India they usually love to ask: "Is this is your first time in India?" "How many times have you been to India?" ...I stopped counting long ago... But I can assure you, that for me, visiting India is always like the first time.

I know that the country will always offer me a new lesson and that the continent will always remain a mystery. India, with full impact, increasingly welcomed me like a baby in the crib with her lullaby, hugging me with the love of a mother, Mother India. This is what India means to me. The ability to realize the dreams of other women, with love, is a gift I'm honoured to receive from life.

“WHEN I WAS NINETEEN, I was first enveloped by the feminine principle, albeit in a hidden form. As I arrived on the Delhi tarmac straight from Nebraska and inhaled the scent of smoke, urine and feces, rotting fruit, and incense, I knew I was home. From that moment on, the sway of brilliant saris, the curve of water jugs, the feel of chilis under my fingernails, and the pulse of street music called me back to something long forgotten. As I gazed into the faces of leprous beggars, wheedling hawkers, and the well-oiled rich, I was shocked into a certain equanimity I could not name. The only way I could express it was to say that I suddenly knew what it meant to be a woman. On the subsequent trips, I have had similar responses, the slowing of my mind and a deep relaxation in the pores of my body, calling me from ambitions of daily life to an existence more basic and fundamental, calling me home”.

Dakínís Warm Breath, the Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism / Judith Simmer-Brown

The Circle of Women Meditating

This project aims to create a common space for meditation and to share in a group, supporting women who want to know or experience meditation. For those who wish to introduce the practice into everyday life, and who look for a place to be accompanied by others in the experience...

We meet again around the fire... wise women that we all are, as our ancestral mothers have done before. We share a space that is dedicated only to us, where we support each other. It is an occasion to regenerate our energies and deepen our feelings of being home. To return to be part of something that is bigger than what we are alone. To value our power, our intimacy and our unconditional love.

The meetings are open to all women, to share a group meditation together.

We meet in the silence, we have contact without words, without having to explain everything, just through our feelings. To support and to be supported, to be held by other women. To support other women without asking for anything in return, only to be heard, only to be.

The Circle of Women Meditating is a way of giving our small contribution to the world, to change the way we communicate. To show respect for ourselves and for the world in which we live.

Meditation is the tool that we use in our circles, searching for the stillness within us. We look for that intimate place that observes without judgment, seeking to unite with emptiness, to create something new, a transformation, a stillness, a deep gratitude and a new beginning.

It is about sharing the journey, choosing to live life where everyday is inspired by passion in abundance. It is about connecting with ourselves, to cultivate a state of opening our pure consciousness, aligned with our soul purpose.

“Now is the time for circles instead of hierarchies, for people to meet together in a form in which everyone is equal, in person and in virtual online circles. Circles with a sacred center support those in them to be true to themselves, to follow whatever the calling or assignment might be, to support each other, make wise choices, and call upon invisible help through prayers, intentions, and meditation. Moving Toward the Millionth Circle is about circles and about heart-centered activists. It is about seeding circles and a global feminist movement. It is about spiritual equality and the healing power of the feminine”.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Millionth Circle.

Tali Reshef Yehudai 

Who I am? It's the question I ask myself every day. With every step of life a layer is revealed to me. I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, companion, lover and a human being with a passion for life. Because of my experiences, my experiences and life, I have been working for a long time - at the beginning without knowing it - to the empowerment of women. My path has begun with my own search, looking at myself in the mirror; learning from my questions, debates, regrets, successes, defeats, sadness and happiness. I learn from the circle around the fire, from the women with whom I share my path.

My path has begun with my arrival in the world, and it has been revealed with the departure of my mother. That is when I sought a deeper contact with my feminine side, I wanted to understand what it means for me to be a woman. Since then I have surrounded myself with women of the world, I have been guided, I have learned, I have walked through life, experimenting with gratitude and letting myself go.

Today I am dedicated to the empowerment of women. I do it by organizing and accompanying trips of women to India, trips that mark - also for me, every time - a before and after in life. Also through the circles of Mujeres Meditando that I offer in Barcelona, ​​in which we share a moment of silence and learning between women, where we taste everything we are and learn together to embrace and love life.


Career path:

I have obtained a B.A. in Theater Management, at the University of Tel Aviv, and a M.A. in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have experience as a teacher of theater, drama, media and advertising in different institutions. And long trajectory as facilitator and instructor of women's circles. I have graduated in the course Self Marriage Ceremony with Dominique Youkhehpaz. And the formation of the Temple of Women, by Awaiking Women Institute, by Chameli Ardagh. More than fifteen years ago, I created a company in the field of design and craftsmanship that originated in India with my partner. From this, my great passion for that country and my initiative, Mango Shape: The empowerment of women through trips of women from all over the world to India, has arisen. In Spain I offer Circles of Women Meditating, workshops of the Temple of Women, as well as different workshops, retreats, meetings, talks on the empowerment of women and presentations of travel.


Why in the shape of a Mango ?

It’s the shape of a droplet with vegetable motif; it’s a similar shape like the half of the Yin-Yang or the leaf of an Indian tree of Bozai and of a mango. In the Zoroastrianism religion the symbol represents life and eternity.
In India, there are so many varieties of mango: mango is the shape of a Tika, the shape of the feminine body and also the shape of OM... All these expressions are symbolizing the deep idea of the project.

Green is the colour of nature, renewal and freshness.


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