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Laura Barcelona
"Mango Shape is ideal for those who share the philosophy that the mode of travel does matter. For those looking to take a few days to listen, learn and feel that traveling can be imbued with something personal and a unique experience. And it is not enough only to see, you rediscovers by looking, inside and outside, caring with, once you are back home lots of useful resources for daily life. India awakes the senses and let in new fresh air. Sharing it with a group of special women, makes the simplest things to be the most beautiful in the world! Regarding Tali, just say its ability to convey the love for India, which already engages in group sessions before the trip, dispelling the doubts appear to engage one in the adventure. It is also reflected in each of the attention to detail that gives us fondly throughout the day and keep happily in our memory. No doubts, for the experience it’s only necessary to have hope and be surprised because it is discovered that you can keep an open mind to new horizons, all without losing the smile." Big kiss !
Dafna Colorado, U.S.A

Many weeks past from our trip to India and I wanted to share with you how wonderful that experience was for all of us.
I still wake up every morning with the memories, the pictures the colors of this country full of smiles smells emotions and hearts full of love.
I start my day with the sounds of Gayatri Mantra and "NAMASTE" everybody I see... THE main reason that this trip was so successful was YOU.
We have no wards to thank you for well-planned organized and detailed oriented trip.

I wish you all the best to you and your family, what a pleasure it was to meet Neomi what a very special girl inside and out. Thank God we are family and hope to have many times to see each other and enjoy each other in the future.
I love you, thanks again (I hope to see you before the next trip to India).


Dorit Israel
Where do I start? Sorry for not writing sooner! I had to get back to my routine, family and work. You helped me make my childhood dream come true. I can't imagine that trip to India to be any better than I experienced it with you. Your professional approach, the organization, the word of the day, the gifts, the surprises, All the blessing from the priests and gurus, the meditation, You being so calm (in most possible cases) and just about everything. My sisters and I agreed that this trip was A TRIP OF A LIFE TIME!!!!!! And we are all so thankful to you!!! I have so many things i want to thank you for, but this will take all the facebook pages. All i want to say is that i couldn't get the best of (part) India without you. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! May all your trips will be successful and inspiring!!!!! I miss you already! Lots of love India is still in my eyes my nose and in my heart.