The Way home to Santiago

Pilgrimage on the Saint James Way
From May 08 to 12, 2020

"You will be able to travel the world, but you will have to go back to you."
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sometimes you do not have to travel so far (to India, for example) to change the air, get to know new landscapes, share an adventure among women, connect with yourself, have time for yourself and live an inner journey. In life we usually look far for what is near ... In this new initiative I offer to visit new lands, to know other lives, to know yourself in another way, otherwise, to connect with nature, with your inner peace and with what It really is important to you.


On this trip we will visit part of the Jacobean pilgrimage route, in one of its most exciting variants: El Camino del Norte. Together we will walk on Galician lands passing through wide and green rural areas, hermitages, sanctuaries and small villages. The freshness, beauty and energy of nature will be our companions along the way, along with the essence of burnt firewood and the aroma of moist earth. Ancient and beautiful monasteries, forests and ancestral pazos will take us from valley to valley to the famous medieval city of Santiago de Compostela.

We will stay in accommodations with charm and with good comfort to attend to our tiredness, thirst and hunger. We will feed ourselves with the resources provided by this wonderful and pure land, fresh and local products. We will gain wisdom, feeling the steps of the pilgrims, who walked these roads, thousands of years ago ...


What is offered:

- The gift of a time you dedicate, just for you. Find your true path in the sacred way, to know yourself more deeply, to know how to set limits ... Each step counts ...

- Savor a part of the Camino de Santiago del Norte, walk among the charm, the sacred and the tranquility of the Galician lands.

- With your backpack, in which you carry the essentials for this exciting trip and some companions with whom you will become true pilgrims, who will live, share and support you in this journey.

- Your rest and the tranquility that entails is blessed. Accommodations with charm, pilgrim sensation; houses and hotels that will allow us to replenish our strength day by day.

- Natural stages of the road, where you will know the charm of the most beautiful landscapes of Galicia, its people, customs and its rich cuisine.




Day 1- May 08 -
Arrival in Santiago, we arrive at the starting point: Arzúa

From the city of Santiago de Compostela we will travel through Galician lands to the starting point of our adventure along the Camino de Santiago. We will stay in a charming rural house, located in a beautiful and small village by the road, surrounded by forests and streams. There we will welcome everyone and begin our journey, with a special visit and a ritual for the good luck of our journey.


Day 2- May 11 -

1st stage (12 km.): Arzúa-Rúa

We will open the morning with a quiet meditation, contemplating the landscape. We will have a good breakfast to give us strength and vitality and we will go to our first stage of the journey. We will cross a green forest, full of endless variety of oak and chestnut trees. We will arrive at the Monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes. Where we can enjoy a picnic in nature, rest and regain strength. In the monastery we will dedicate a time to offer a ritual ... In the afternoon we will arrive to our second lodging in the way of the pilgrim. A house located in the valley, where we will enjoy nature and the cuisine of rural Galicia. Here we can also collaborate, helping in the daily tasks that take, in a typical house of Galician crops or relax in the pool ...


Day 3- May 12 -

2nd stage (10 km.): Rúa-Lavacolla

Leaving behind the magical town of Rúa, we will walk among meadows and flowers, crossing a forest of mystery ... Among the scent of the eucalyptus enveloping us in a landscape with mills, barns and bridges. We will comfortably walk to our hostel, after passing several parishes and villages. On the way we will do various activities to connect with nature, being part of Mother Earth and our ancestral mothers ... We will find a simple rural house of typical construction, where we will try and help in traditional Galician cuisine. We will live the harmonious environment, in which this place of charm is found. From a farm bordered by streams, a carpet of endless green and an authentic water mill ...


Day 4- May 13 -

3rd stage (11 km.): Lavacolla -Santiago de Compostela

Today is our arrival day. In the first hour we can get deeply moved, when we will be witnesses for the first time, from afar when contemplating the beautiful cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. From Monte do Gozo, a place where the emotion of the pilgrims and the road come together. After the descent, we will enter Santiago de Compostela, we have arrived ... We will walk and enjoy this beautiful medieval city, for its charming little streets. We will sleep in a very different accommodation, to which we have shared along the way, a special Boutique hotel, to rest deeply. We will share the experience lived, the path we have taken and the adventure celebrating together.

Day 5- May 14 -
Breakfast in Santiago de Compostela, farewell and return home.


Number of women in the group: 8 -12

The price includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in charming houses and hotels
  • 4 Good breakfasts to get energies
  • 4 Food Picnic
  • 4 Dinners based on local produce, drink included
  • Transfer from the airport on the first day to the airport on the last day at a confirmed time
  • Support car and transfers from the end of the stage to the accommodation
  • Transfer of luggage between stages
  • Travel insurance
  • Local accompaniment
  • Accompanying Mango Shape
  • Activities and meetings prepared especially for Mango Shape:
    • Meetings, visits and workshops with local people
    • Rituals, legends, connection exercises, the word of the day and ...
    • Meditation, relaxation, silence and movement
  • Accommodations

For a good rest and tasting the typical food of this region, we have chosen a boutique hotel, charming rural houses and typical restaurants.

Price does not include:

  • Transfer to Santiago (May 10) and from Santiago (May 14)
  • I advise not to delay in booking the round trip flight.
  • Lunch and dinner in Santiago on May 14
  • Drinks, tips, laundry ...
  • Any personal expense
  • Any other service not mentioned in the services included

The Camino de Santiago entails the adventure, the walk and the tranquility of each pilgrim. Depending on the weather, since this area is humid and usually rains, the pace of our walk will be with understanding and patience to changes or alterations that may arise, on the fly. You can trust that for our part, we will do everything possible to follow the program and provide an exciting experience.


Registration is open until the attendance quota is met

Limited places


The departure of the trip depends on the participation of a minimum of 8 women.


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"The creation of a new way of traveling creates a new way of being"

- Inés Mazarrasa