“The Green Paradise”

ITINERARY From 24 OCT till 06 NOV

This is an invitation to a journey built specifically for you to get to know India, a fascinating country with a rich past, culture, colours and history. Offering an amazing mosaic of landscapes, people, cultures, languages, religions, customs and sights. India is not just another place; it is a state of mind. The trip is a complete experience with the participation of all the senses, which will continue to resonate inside of you for a long time... For generations masses have been attracted to its wealth, assimilated into its culture and created a wonderful human fabric. India has also sprouted some of the world's major religions and the trip allows for an exciting anthropological and spiritual experience.

A unique way to experience a journey in Mother India, to feel and to be part of, in contact with the local population, from the closeness to local culture and life through your adventure.
An extraordinary opportunity for any woman, eager to explore through this experience, the places where so many legends and wonderful fantasies have been born…

We have built a special, fascinating, stimulating course that provides an opportunity for all those interested in experiencing India to taste and a land full of legends, wonders and fantasies, out of feminine sensitivity. An experiential journey that combines hiking, rickshaws, yoga, meditation, cooking, folklore and as usual in Mango-Shape's women's tours, surprises ... unique and character accommodation, restaurants with a variety of tastes and meetings with inspiring people.



For those of us that depart from Barcelona, we will meet – without doubt with strong emotions and eagerness - to begin our adventure in India. We will leave Barcelona at noon, and we will fly via Istanbul to the city of New Delhi. For those of you that will reach India from different points of the world: have a great journey! See you in Delhi...!




We are scheduled to land in Delhi at dawn, pass through passport control and be received by our partners in India. We will open our first morning with early morning chanting mantra... We will begin our visit directly in Bangla Sabih Gurudwara, to witness and feel the ceremony of the Sikh believers in the early morning. From there we transfer to our hotel, for a rest and breakfast, waiting to receive the rooms as early as possible (check in time 12 noon). After some relaxation and feeling recovered, we will explore the city of Delhi. From there, we will extend our sightseeing tour of Old Delhi, by Rickshaw ride through the streets of Chandri Chowk, the old and colourful market. The starting point of this trip is the Red Forth (built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1648). In New Delhi we will visit India Gate, Parliament, Raj Ghat (memorial in memory of Gandhi), and the house of Gandhi. In the afternoon we will have time to walk through the markets of Delhi. We will spend the night in the neighbourhood of Paharaganj. There is the railway station; this is where backpackers from all over the world spend their trips to India. We will rest that night in a hotel with a lot of atmosphere and charm, so we can take the train the next morning to our next destination.
We will close the day with an early Indian dinner, discovering the different tastes of the Hindu cuisine.




Early in the morning, we will enjoy our first journey by train through India...
We will depart by train to our next destination, the city of Amritsar. This city is the centre of the Sikh believers, a religion that was created for the purpose of bringing together the best of Islam and the best of Hinduism. We will visit the Golden temple, with its golden dome which is surrounded by a pool of holy water, and where the Sikh believers make purification baths. We will be able to enter the large dining room where food is prepared daily for thousands of people at no cost...

We will also witness the Palki ceremony, which is the procession of the holy book being carried to the place where it stays ‘overnight’. The preciousness of the temple, the peaceful atmosphere that it transmits, and the song of the priests... all make this visit a truly unique experience. On the border between India and Pakistan, we will observe the peculiar and theatrical ceremony of the folding of the flags; this daily ritual is performed simultaneously on both sides of the border. Patriot groups take an active part in the ceremony through support calls and the shouting of slogans. It is a moment full of colour and fun.




In the early hours of the morning we will once again see the Golden Temple, to witness the beauty that is revealed at the light of day. We will then depart to our next destination: Dharamsala. This is currently the headquarters of the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama, it’s charismatic leader. Many Tibetans have visited this city since the 60's, seeking physical and spiritual refuge. The narrow streets are decorated by the colourful dresses of monks, nuns, and prayer flags. The mountain views are breath taking. Everything seems to make Dharamsala a place of singular charm, of magical energy. In the afternoon we will visit the tea plantations and in the evening we will arrive at Mcleodganj (Dharamasala), where our hotel is situated. We will close the day with our first group meeting.




We will visit the Tibetan children's village, where they study and live. There are around 2,000 children, who care so much about their place. They always appreciate receiving bandage material, clothes and toys ... We will dedicate the rest of the morning to walk around the small villages of the area. We will visit the town of Naddi, with its typical houses and afterwards the village of Dharmkot. There, in Dharmkot, we will meet with a Tibetan Guru who will share his spiritual wisdom and knowledge of Tibetan culture with us. In the afternoon we will visit the monastery of nuns, Genden Choeling, we will participate with them in their Pooja, their daily prayer. In our free time we will visit the local markets on foot, sit in one of the terraces and enjoy a chai, the typical Indian tea, with the wonderful views of the landscape around us. There is also the possibility of receiving an Ayrovedic massage in our charming hotel.



Before breakfast, we will enjoy our first yoga class. Today we will make the traditional Kora visit to the Namgyal monastery. This is the monastery were the Dalai Lama stays when he is in the city, the Tibetan parliament in exile, and we will hear an open class in the monastery library. This temple is considered the most important monument in Dharamsala, because it represents the struggle against the occupation of China in Tibet. At noon we will be invited for lunch at a typical family house, the Neharia family; they are originally from Dharamsala, Himachel Pradesh. It will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and customs with the women of the family. In the afternoon we will visit the Norbulingka Institute, which aims to preserve the Tibetan culture of handicrafts. This institute is located in a beautiful place, surrounded by green bamboo plantations and pools. We will visit the various workshops, where different techniques of traditional Tibetan crafts are taught: carving, painting, sculpture and embroidery. We will finish the day with a cookery demonstration, with the chef, Mr. Sangye, who will teach us how to prepare the famous Tibetan dish of Momos and other traditional food.




"... We will create a new city, which is the symbol of the freedom of India, which is not condemned to the past or tradition ..." So Nahar, the first president of India, in his speech, announced the foundation Chandigard city. The Swiss architect Le Corbusier made the overall design of this city: organized, tidy and green. Chandigard is known for its high standard of living, a clear example of this is the commercial area of the city, and we will visit the important and known shops. It is the capital of two states of India, Punjab and Haryana. In the afternoon, we will visit the special garden of Nek Chand Rock Garden, the pearl of our visit to this city. This rock garden was built with stones and debris of which nobody had any interest, and today it is a very dedicated garden, full of sculptures made with great imagination.




We leave to our next destination: Rishikesh, through which the river Ganges flows. This city, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is a sacred city for Hinduism and is recognized as an important spiritual centre that attracts students and seekers from India, and all around the world. The city offers a good mix of atmosphere and incredible scenery: green hills, the river Ganges, with its immense bridges, colourful Yoga Ashram and meditation. The sounds of bells ring out from the different centres. In the afternoon we will witness the Arti at the Ghat Parmarth. This is a ceremony in which hundreds of students from the various Ashrams, all dressed in orange, are along the Ganges to pray and sing. It is a ritual that takes place every night to thank the Ganges River; boats are shipped with candles carried by the slow start stream.






We will begin the day with a Yoga Meditation session, with the view of the Ganges. Again in Rishikesh, we will begin our sightseeing from Laxman Jhula bridge, until Ram Jhula bridge. On the way, one can observe the Sadhus living next to the river. We will have a typical Indian Tahali, for lunch and then we will have meeting with a Guru, for a lecture. In the afternoon, we will have free time to enjoy the different markets of Rishikesh. After dinner, we will have our last group meeting of the trip.



DAY 10 & 11 – 02 + 03 NOV – RAJAJI NATIONAL PARK

With light luggage, resting and perfectly prepared, we will go to our next adventure: two days in the jungle... We and nature, in a beautiful environment, with nice and comfortable tents, magical scenery and good food. We will feel almost like the English travellers of legend, although with the comfort of today. They will be two days of gift to our soul. We will enjoy time together, of beautiful activities: walks through nature, rest, relaxation, meditation and meetings with a teacher... We will share time with her; we will experience the art of ceremonies and prayers of Hinduism. We can chat with her and ask questions. We will enjoy bonfire, landscape, walks, good food and more surprises... The Rajaji National Park is a nature reserve, it is located between the Siwalik mountain ranges and the Indo-Gangetic plain. The dense jungles are the home of a wild life that also develops thanks to the varied topography of the national park: elephants, tigers, monkeys, great variety of bird species... We will enjoy this nature fully and deeply, we will walk, we will know the environment and much more.



After a quiet morning, we will say goodbye to Mata Ji, the teacher who lives in the jungle. From the animals and people of Rajaji park. Mounted in 4x4 we will cross streams, small roads and the beauty of this reserve, to meet again the magic of Rishikesh. Back in Rishikesh, what a privilege! In our free time we can walk and enjoy the colourful markets. In the afternoon we will witness the Arti in the Parmarth Ghat, a ceremony in which hundreds of students of the different Ashrams, all dressed in orange, meet in front of the Ganges to pray and sing. It is a ritual that takes place every night, to thank the river Ganges, boats are sent with candles that leave led by the current of the river.



Today we begin our journey back; we will live this process, creating with love in us the bridge that will enable us to move from one reality to another. We will enjoy our last yoga class on the balcony of our hotel, with the music of the Ganges River penetrating every vein of our subtle body. After a good breakfast, a quiet morning, with time to say goodbye. We will transfer to Daradun airport, to take our flight to New Delhi. We will arrive in Delhi at noon. Will dedicate a few hours to know some corner of this immense city, and to make the last purchases in different local markets, making sure that we bring gifts to the whole family. We will also visit a Hindu house, for a cocktail; we will learn the art of the Sari, we will be taught how to wear it and we will be able to enjoy a tasting of typical Hindu starters. We will close the night with a quiet dinner, all together, in a different restaurant. The last hours will be dedicated to rest before the trip home.



A few hours after midnight, we will proceed to the Indira Gandhi International airport, to part to our final destination, back home, via Istanbul. We will reach Barcelona in the afternoon, and without doubt, this journey will continue to vibrate inside every one of us, for a long time.

NUMBER OF WOMEN IN THE GROUP: minimum 10; maximum 22



  • Hotels of good and first category
  • Half Board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Some of the lunch (around 10)
  • AC bus for all TOURS and transfers
  • Entrance fee (museum, temples and trip according to the itinerary)
  • Spanish or English speaking guide
  • Tips for the different services
  • Workshop, activities and special meeting prepared specially for Mango Shape in India
  • Group meeting in Spain

The program is complete without options



Air way ticket (international ticket)
Visa (the passports have to be with at least 7 month of vigour on the time of the trip)
Health insurance
All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

For more information
Tali Reshef Yehudai
Tel : + 34 649 495 273


India, as we all know, is a very special country. A part of its beauty comes from the difference to the conception of time, and the rhythm of all activities. Something that without doubt, is very different to what we know in our culture and in our day to day lives. Because of this, we warmly recommended that you come prepared to deal with all kinds of changes with patience and an understanding that changes can happen on our trip, that are not always within our possibility to influence. You can be sure; that from our side we will do all that is possible to continue with the original program and to give you all a passionate experience.