Reborn on the Path

Women's Journey to The Camino of Santiago

Pilgrims on the Portuguese Way
May 22-26, 2020

​​“Neither I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it by yourself. It is not far. It is within reach”.

Walt Whitman

Every time we set foot on the path of life, we are reborn again. With each step, we have the new opportunity to choose how we want to be born again, in this next step. Realize and commit to what is most important to you, now. And then, align with it. To find your new balance, to walk life.

This is what we do together in our internal and external pilgrimage, along the Camino de Santiago. To which I invite you to be a part. We are dedicated to nurturing, close to nature. Where under our feet, is the old and traveled Camino de Santiago. The sole of our footmarks creates a new path, with every trace it leaves, firmly on the ground. Giving voice, finding freedom.

On this journey, we will travel part of the Jacobean pilgrimage route, in one of its most exciting variants: The Portuguese Way. Together we will walk on Galician lands through wide and green rural areas, hermitages, sanctuaries, and small villages. The freshness, beauty, and energy of nature will be our companions along the way, together with the essence of burnt firewood, the aroma of humid earth and the great ocean.

Ancient and beautiful monasteries, forests and ancestral Pazos will take us from valley to valley to the famous medieval city of Santiago de Compostela. In this new initiative, I offer to visit new lands, to know other lives, to know yourself in another landscape, in another way.



The Camino de Santiago Portugués is being traveled, since the 10th century, and has two roads; the coast road, and the central road. We will be braiding, from one to another, starting on the coast road, until we reach the central road. This Jacobean path begins in Portugal, in the Lisbon Cathedral. In its last section, it crosses Galician provinces, until arriving at Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, you will see spectacular forests, archaeological sites, stately manor houses, the opportunity to visit medieval cities, a rich architectural heritage, a fresh and tasty meal. The Camino de Santiago Portuguese is surrounded by legends, magic, and miracles ...

We will stay in charming accommodations with good comfort to meet our tiredness, thirst, and hunger. We will feed ourselves with the resources provided by that wonderful and pure land, fresh, and local products. We will gain wisdom, feeling the steps of the pilgrims, who walked these roads, thousands of years ago, by our rituals, meditatón, and energies...


What is offered:

- The gift of a time you spend with yourself, just for you. Find your true way in the sacred of the paths, to know you more deeply, to learn to set boundaries... Each step counts...

- Savor a part of the Camino de Santiago Portugués, walk between the charm, the magic and the tranquility of the Galician lands.

- With your backpack, in which you carry the essentials for this exciting trip and some companions with whom you will become true pilgrims, with whom to live, share and support you.

- Your rest and the tranquility that this entails is blessed. Charming accommodations, pilgrimage feeling; houses, Pazos, and hotels that will allow us to replenish our forces day by day.

- Natural stages of the road, where you will know the charm of the most beautiful landscapes of Galicia, its people, customs and its rich cuisine.

- Silence and awareness (Mindfulness). Spiritual experiences; Meditations, rituals, legends, creating art... To connect in another way, change and grow, along the way. Yoga, movement. stretching and relaxation.


Day 1- May 22 - Barcelona - Santiago - Cambados

From the city of Santiago de Compostela, we travel through Galician lands to our starting point, of our adventure, along the Portuguese Way of Saint James. Towards the small town of Cambados. We will stay in a dream Pazo (mansion), with a fascinating history. When you enter through its portal, you immerse yourself in another world, with the charm of its architecture, huge gardens and fruit trees. The Pazo houses, its own vineyard, and winery, to which we will be invited. To know the fermentation process of Albariño wine, typical of these lands, and to savor its harvest, accompanied by a typical tasting of these lands, which will open our palate to the exquisite Galician food.

We will take a walk through Cambados. This small city is an authentic open-air museum, sculpted in granite, which treasures one of the best-preserved historical sites in Galicia due to the countless manor houses, noble streets, monuments, sculptures ... Our time here will depend on the tides, it will be them, and nature that sailed our program. On our walk, we will arrive at the small island of A Figueira Da, with the San Sadurniño Tower as a witness. There we perform a ritual, facing the ocean, opening our way, taking the first step... We will carry out an activity, learning an ancient trade, together with the fisherwomen. We will close our day with a delicious and tasty dinner, made with the local ingredients of the land and the sea.

D2- May 23 -
1st stage (9 km): Cambados Maritime Route - Pontecesures - Padrón

We will open the day with a meditation and stretching, in the gardens of our accommodation. After the best breakfast, you have savored in a long time. We will depart our path, starting with the coastal route. We will leave on foot from Cambados, on the way to the pier of Vilanova de Arousa. To take a boat trip along the Arousa estuary of Vilanova towards Pontecesures. Vilanova de Arousa, as its beautiful name indicates, is located in the middle of Arousa estuary. And it offers a wonderful landscape, where in the morning the mist remains, on the horizon, which makes us feel that we have traveled far, to another place. We will enjoy the sailboat ride along the Arousa estuary. Sailing through one of the estuaries with the most seafaring tradition in Galicia is something that always brings with it a magical air. This same has been the last path of the Apostle's body, to Santiago de Compostela. Imagine... crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, old lighthouses... yes, we are in Galicia. This will be a journey through time, to your heart, an experience that will remain forever, a treasure in your heart.

The visual image of the villages from the sea is dreamlike. Our patron will teach us the mysteries of the Arousa estuary, such as Viking invasions. We can contemplate the different boats of all styles that navigate this estuary, which is very typical. Like the Dornas and the Galleons, which were used for fishing. Or working in the pan, where the mussel is grown. The Arousa estuary has a natural environment that will surprise you. We will conclude our boat ride, in what was previously called the port of Compostela since most of the goods that went to Santiago de Compostela, used to reach Pontecesures. From here, we will walk along the river, crossing the town of Padrón. With its gardens, churches, and the Rosalia de Castro Museum, which we will visit. In our rural house, surrounded by green landscapes, and beautiful gardens, we can enjoy free time, rest and recover strength.

Day 3- May 24 -
2nd stage (11 km): Padrón - Pazo Faramello - Parada de Francos

This morning, we will open it, with a visit to the house-museum of Rosalia de Castro. Where we will know the story of a brave woman, that being a woman and mother, has motivated her to live and share her poetry. From there we will set our course to a place of charm: Pazo Faramello. We will enter another reality... El Pazo is a baroque style building from the beginning of the 18th century located on the Tinto river canyon. In its gardens is one of the oldest holly trees in the country, a spectacular Japanese garden, the French gardens, and the old mill that was also the first paper industry in Galicia. In the old stone chapel whose wooden altarpiece was made by the sculptor, José Gambino, born in the Pazo. The interiors of the house are impressive, as well as his paintings, and the virgin of Bernini.

The Pazo is crossed by the old Portuguese Way of Santiago, before arriving at Santiago de Compostela. It is a pleasantly surprising site. It is a place with magic. Full of details. We will be surprised at the simplicity and kindness of Gonzalo, the owner. Born in El Pazo, direct heir to the family of Genoese Marquis de Piombino, owners of the Pazo for more than three centuries. He himself will lead the visit to the house and its gardens. His enthusiasm and the love he puts into what he does dazzles. The history of the Pazo is fascinating... At the end of the visit, we will enjoy a tasting. In one of the gardens, we will meditate, in the middle of nature, in front of Celtic rock, inspiring its ancient energy. We will take a moment to rest, regain strength and integrate the experience.

A short walk from the Pazo, in the middle of the road, is our accommodation, for tonight. An old Galician house, typical of a village, restored following the peculiarities of traditional Galician architecture in stone and wood. In a privileged environment on the Rúa de Francos and at the foot of a centenary “Caballeria”. It offers all the charm of a traditional home in Galicia, in an incomparable setting, surrounded by nature, relaxing and indescribable landscapes. This typical rural center is located at the foot of the Portuguese Way, in the last stage of this pilgrimage route to Compostela. Being located in a unique natural setting, from where we can enjoy its landscapes and the cultural richness of its surroundings. Which invites you to relax, to spend a moment for you. Parada de Francos has a cozy restaurant, which complements the rural house with a family atmosphere typical of an ideal place to rest. The Carboeiro restaurant stands out for its culinary specialty. A gastronomic tribute following traditional recipes, a perfect expression of the culinary culture of Galicia.

Day 4- 25 May -
3rd stage (13 km.): Parada de Francos - Santiago de Compostela

Today is our day of arrival, in Santiago de Compostela. In the first hour of the morning, we will put our step, to make our last stage of the Camino, towards the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, we cross green forests, with a great variety of oak and chestnut trees. Among the scent of eucalyptus embracing us, the play of the shadow of the sun's rays when they penetrate the path. Along the way we will do various activities to connect with nature, beginning to tie the threads of your pilgrim, in you. The Portuguese Way offers a green and pleasant route until its last part when entering the city of Santiago de Compostela. The first thing we find when entering the city will be the Alameda park, there we will take a moment to rest and regain strength before we arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

We have arrived… We sleep today at accommodation with a perfect central location. A Boutique hotel, with good energy and familiarity, to rest deeply. In the afternoon we will take a walk, through this beautiful and charming medieval city, through its small and magical streets. We will share the experience of the lived adventure, of the path we have made together, in a place of charm, connecting again with nature. We will close the night in Santiago with a typical tasting dinner of the exquisite Galician food, celebrating our pilgrimage.

Day 5- May 26 - Santiago de Compostela - Finisterre - Barcelona

Today we travel to the end of the world... The end of the road to Santiago. Where people came when the road ended and as a ritual, fed the flame of fire with their clothes and belongings, to be reborn and start again. We have an excursion day to Finisterre. Walking the last meters of the Camino, towards the end of the Roman world. Place of pre-Christian cults linked to the "Ara Solis", crossing the KM 0.00, with its spectacular lighthouse (the first in Costa da Morte) and its special viewpoints over the Atlantic.

On the way, we will visit Muxía, with its Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Boat, a place of pilgrimage linked to the Way of Saint James, the holy stones, the Monte Corpiño and the Camino de la Piel. In Ézaro, we will enjoy its spectacular waterfall, will reach one of the magical corners of Costa da Morte (The Death Coast). The only river in southern Europe that flows into the sea with a waterfall; in a space flanked by Mount Pindo (Celtic Olympus), seafaring villages and pristine beaches... We will eat at Muros, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved fishing villages in Galicia. Time to walk the streets, admire traditional architecture and marine-themed ornaments on the facades. Back in Santiago, for last purchases and a short rest, before heading to the airport, and home.

Number of women in the group: 8 -12

The price includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in charming houses and hotels
  • 4 good breakfasts
  • 4 food picnic
  • 4 Dinners based on local products, drinks included
  • Cambados Airport Transfer (first day)
  • Transfer Santiago de Compostela airport (last day), at confirmed time
  • Support car and transfers from the end of the stage to the Accommodation
  • Luggage transfer between stages (max 20 kg)
  • Travel insurance
  • Mango Shape companion- Meetings, visits, and workshops with local people
    - Boat trip on the Riera
    - Rituals, legends, exercises and more...
    - Meditation, relaxation, silence, and movement
    - A meeting before the trip in Barcelona or by Zoom

Activities and meetings specially prepared for Mango Shape:

  • Meetings, visits, and workshops with local people
  • Boat trip on the Riera
  • Rituals, legends, exercises and more...
  • Meditation, relaxation, silence, and movement
  • A meeting before the trip in Barcelona or by Zoom


For a good rest and taste of the typical food of this region, we have chosen a boutique hotel, Rural houses, charming cottages, and typical restaurants.

Price does not include:

Transfer to Santiago (May 22) and from Santiago (May 26)
I advise not to delay in booking the flight (contact me for the details before purchasing).
Lunch and dinner in Santiago on May 26
Drinks, tips, laundry...
Any personal expenses
Any other service not mentioned in the services included


The Camino de Santiago entails the adventure, the walk and the tranquility of each pilgrim. Depending on the weather, since this area is humid and it can easily rain, the rhythm of our walk will be with understanding and patience to changes or alterations that may arise, on the spot. You can trust that from our part, we will do our best to follow the program and provide an exciting experience.

Registration is open until the attendance quota is fulfilled

Limited places

The trip departure depends on the participation of a minimum of 8 women

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"Do not be afraid, let your life change without stopping learning, stay open and let life offer you what you can't even imagine now... Forget everything... and enjoy Your Way...”…

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