Empoderamiento y crecimiento de las mujeres y la feminidad a través de viajes por el mundo, talleres, cursos, meditaciones, reuniones...

Con amor, profesionalidad, armonía y prosperidad

Sri Lakshmi ~ Live in Abundance, Beauty & Integrity

with SimoneRita Egger & Team

18 to 19 January 2019


Sri Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, beauty and wealth. She removes the perceived separation between spirituality and so-called ordinary life. She illuminates and liberates us from limiting beliefs and unconscious loyalty to lack and shows us how we can live the infinite abundance of our spiritual awakening in an embodied and practical way; how we can put our unique mark of beauty onto the world. Lakshmi is sensuality and beauty, abundance and kindness, harmony and fertility . . .

Lakshmi shows us a life of prosperity, beyond our imagination, to experience abundance - to give and to receive.“

In Lakshmi’s realm, you connect with a more spacious and abundant dimension of yourself — your own luminous presence — and your source of motivation for everything you do in life changes from one of lack to one of overflow.

Lakshmi mirrors to us a radically inclusive and embodied spirituality."

Do you sometimes think that beauty, joy, pleasure and sensuality are somehow optinal and even frivolous luxuries? In our practice with Lakshmi, we use pleasure as a pathway to presenceOur senses open us, tickle us, nourish us. Music, colors, tastes, art, poetry and beauty bring us into alignment with the essential nature of who we are.

About the Practice
First of all, we go deep. We don’t sit around and only “talk about it”; we’re all about direct experience. This is a highly experiential path; a lot of the practices are interactive and include movement, expression and also respectful touch.

The basis for all spiritual exploration in the Shakti tradition is the insight that that which we are longing for is who we already are. Thus, our practice is not toward a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman.

The content of this training follows the curriculum developed by Chameli Ardagh, founder of the Awakening Women Institute (AWI).

This training is for women . . .

  • Who feel called to embody the feminine and share this exploration in a group of conscious women.
  • Who long for a sacred space where full expression in devotion to truth is possible.
  • Who want to rejuvenate and have a deep dive into feminine spiritual practices.
  • Who are ready and open for a new experience.
  • Who are looking for new impulses in their womanhood.
  • Feeling called to awaken and embody feminine brilliance, for real.

:: Venue

Carrer de Trafalgar 48, 08003 Barcelona

:: Dates / Times
Friday, 18 January 2019 from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm- open evening

Saturday, 19 January 2019 from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm

:: Price
Early Bird until 18 December 2018 (payment received until 18 December 2018)

Open evening (Friday evening only): 30.00 €

Open evening & Workshop (Friday & Saturday): 150.00 €

Full price after 19 December 2018

Open evening (Friday evening only): 40.00 €

Open evening & Workshop (Friday & Saturday): 180.00 €

The seminar price includes tea breaks on Saturday.

Accommodation and lunch are not included in the price.

We have limited space for this event.

We will create a waiting list once it is full.

Our cancellation policy, please read carefully: Up to December 18, 2018, payments are refundable minus a EUR 50.- administration fee. Thereafter will be no refunds.

We have a limited number of scholarships available for young women under 25 and women in strong need…contact us for details and availability before December 31, 2018. 

:: Information & Registration

To register for this event, please send mail to

:: Questions?

Tali Reshef

Mobile: + 34 649495273




I am still in so much awe of the magic we created over the weekend. That I got to be part of something so powerful and life affirming - I will never forget. Something was opened within me that now can only keep opening and moving forward. SimoneRita, you teach through example, through presence and this is the most powerful way. Deepest bows to you amazing women. May you continue to share and shine your light with the world.” Nicole B., HongKong

My experience there had been very rich, deep and allowed me to embody what truly a women`s temple is all about. I feel a whole circle of wonderful women in my backspace where ever I am and whatever I do. This feels very special and thank you for creating such a safe and open space for us all to be part of this Sisterhood.” Aslihan S., England

I can say that it changed me in ways I was not expecting. It connected me with something bigger, with something deeper inside myself and awoke me for a different way of living – more aware, loving, compassionate and in touch with my true essence.” Francisca G., Portugal


I feel a deep relaxation, a vibration from within. To experience the confidence that my sisters have in me, to be seen, is soothing my body and soul.” Cora H. Switzerland

My body, heart and soul were deeply touched by the unconditional trust from the sisterhood that was at the same time grounding and uplifting. SimoneRita's teachings were so organically woven into practices such as embodiment, sacred inquiries and respectful touch, that it felt as if her words were symbiotically transmitted to us effortlessly. This had been the most nourishing, affirming and empowering experience I have had in a long time.” Amanda, HongKong


As if my heart had widened wondrously, my soul sighed satisfied and my mind just shut up ... I am deeply immersed in the inner knowledge of a global sisterhood, which lovingly, but certainly weaves a net - for the benefit of humanity. I have experienced an effortlessly fluid resonance with myself and the other women in the circle and am grateful for the loving, open encounters. Even at home in everyday life with my husband and my children, where things are known to be on the test, I could react in specific situations "new”. May something in me remember it again and again!” Kerstin S., Germany

SimoneRita Egger, AWI Temple Training & AWI 9 Month Program Teacher

SimoneRita is a single mother of two teenagers and lives in Zurich. Her path has led her to various wisdom teachers, from toltec shamanism to tantric buddhism. Her feminine spiritual practice consists of meditation, dance, movement, chanting, being a business woman and a mother. Since 2009 she has been holding women’s temple groups and workshops for women.

As a Yogini I practice feminine embodied spirituality. I passionately engage in an intimate relationship with every experience and every moment, always in search of unconditional truth in this often times challenging life in a woman’s body.“

Sitting in a circle with conscious women has changed my life.“ SimoneRita has been a longtime assistant of Chameli Ardagh (founder Awakening Women Institute) and has been studying at the Awakening Women Institute since 2013.

I am forever grateful to Chameli, my beloved teacher, for her infinite, compassionate wisdom of the divine feminine and for the beauty of her soul which inspires me and guides me home.“

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Mango Shape

Mango Shape

Y el viernes 14 de diciembre:
Templo Mujer. ¿Que es para ti, la vida? Lo exploramos juntas a través de nuestro cuerpo, a través del movimiento y el tacto respetuoso. Acercaré bella mujer, te hemos estado esperando, para compartir nuestros regalos, para contribuir hacia a un mundo mejor. Toma tu asiento en el círculo intemporal de las Mujeres... Inscripción y más información:

Mango Shape

Mango Shape

Hoy 12/12, a las 18:30, seguimos haciendo un camino interno de peregrinaje, en el Círculo de Mujeres Meditando. A través del silencio, del compartir y del gran maestro, el circulo. Este es el perfecto momento, para dedicarte un tiempo para ti; nutrirte, de amor, paz y compasión. Recordando todo lo que eres, compartiendo tus únicos regalos, en el circulo intemporal de las mujeres. Eres bienvenida bella mujer, a ser parte y contribuir a un mundo mejor. No hace falta experiencia anterior en meditación. Toma tu asiento. Más info:

Mango Shape

Mango Shape

(English below)
India a través de mis ojos, esta semana:
Lluvia y flores. Una mañana en India ... Jai Ma ❤
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
India through my eyes, this week:
Rain and flowers. One morning in India... Jai Ma ❤
Imagen: Propia

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Mango Shape

(English below)
Último El Templo de las Mujeres para este ciclo...
Viernes 14 de diciembre a las 19:15 en el·Up
Ven a experimentar juntas, la energía de la vida que traspasa tu cuerpo, mi cuerpo, y todo este vasto universo...

Si yo supiera hacia a donde me llevaría este camino... En ese día, hace tiempo, cuando la vida me llevo, cara a cara con la practica del Templo... Por primera vez alguien hablaba mi lengua, afirmando mi camino, mi forma de ver y vivir las cosas... No estaba sola... Como ha cambiado mi vida desde entonces... Y esto es solo el comienzo... Seria un lujo compartir juntas este sagrado espacio, amando la experiencia, entregándonos a lo que es, compartiendo nuestros únicos regalos... ❤️Jai Ma ❤️

Inscripción y más información:

Last women Temple for this year...
Friday December 14 at 7:15 p.m. el·Up
You are invited, beautiful Woman, to experience together the energy of life that transpases your body, my body, and all this vast universe...

If I knew where this path would take me... On that day, a long time ago, when life meet me, face to face with the practice of Women Temple... For the first time someone spoke my language, affirming my path, my way of seeing and living things... I was not alone... How my life has changed since then... And this is just the beginning... It would be an honer to share this sacred space together, loving the experience, giving ourselves to what it is, sharing our unique gifts... ❤️Jai Ma ❤️

Registration and more information:

Mango Shape

Mango Shape

(English below)
Últimos encuentros del Círculo de Mujeres Meditando para este año.

El 12 y 19 de diciembre 2018, a las 18:30hs, en Gracia.
(Toda la info en el enlace)

Estamos cerrando el quinto año alrededor del fuego. En el Círculo de Mujeres Meditando. Cada ciclo suma 21 encuentros. En 21 encuentros adaptamos cambios, maneras de ver y ser... Siempre es el perfecto momento para empezar. Felices de compartir contigo la magia.

Volvemos con un nuevo ciclo el 9 de enero 2019. Eres bienvenida a tomar tu asiento en el círculo intemporal de las mujeres.

Last encounters of the Circle of Women Meditating for this year.

December 12 and 19, 2018, at 6:30 p.m., in Gracia.
(All info below)

We are closing the fifth year around the fire. In the Circle of Women Meditating. Each cycle has 21 meetings. In 21 encounters we adapt changes, ways of seeing and being... It is always the perfect time to start. Happy to share with you the magic.

We return with a new cycle on January 9, 2019. You are welcome to take your seat in the timeless circle of women.

Mango Shape

Mango Shape

(English below)
Es Luna Nueva. La última para este ciclo, para este año. La luna nueva trae con ella el privilegio de un nuevo empezar, de un nuevo ciclo. Un ciclo se cierra y otro se abre... Sabes, bella Mujer, no hace falta esperar al nuevo año para volver a empezar, para abrirte a un nuevo inicio. El momento es ahora, esta última luna nueva, trae con ella todo el potencial, la energía y la apertura para un nuevo camino. Este ciclo de un nuevo sembrar, se cerrara un poco antes del final de este año, el día 22 de diciembre. ¿Que quieres sembrar en esta luna nueva, en este nuevo empezar? El cual podría ser tu puente, hacia al otro lado, a un nuevo empezar, un año nuevo. Jai Ma, Chandra Ma ✨🌙✨

It's New Moon. The last for this cycle, for this year. The new moon brings with it the privilege of a new beginning, of a new cycle. One cycle closes and another opens... You know, beautiful woman, you do not have to wait for the new year to start over, to open up to a new beginning. The moment is now, this last new moon, brings with it all the potential, energy and openness for a new path. This cycle of a new planting will be closed a little before the end of this year, on December 22. What do you want to plant in this new moon, in this new beginning? Which could be your bridge, to the other side, to a new start, a new year. Jai Ma, Chandra Ma ✨🌙✨
Image: Unknown

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